Here Is What To Do Against Dizziness And Circulatory Problems

Published on 03/20/2023

If you move too little or too long at a time, you not only risk circulatory problems, but also diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and back pain. Sufficient and regular physical activity, on the other hand, acts as a true fountain of youth for metabolism and circulation. If you manage to make your everyday life “more active” and integrate moderate sports units more often, your circulatory problems will soon be a thing of the past. But the same applies here: if you rest, you rust. So get active now and make the following tips an integral part of your everyday habits!

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Here Is What To Do Against Dizziness And Circulatory Problems


Contrast Showers

In order to permanently eliminate circulatory problems, you have to train your circulatory system regularly, much like a muscle. If you interrupt the training for a longer period of time, the circulatory problems also return. An ideal hardening of the circulation is achieved through heat and cold stimuli. Sauna, Kneipp baths or contrast showers are ideal for this. And for the really tough among us, we recommend ice baths. Contrast showers in particular strengthen the cardiovascular system. The warm water initially dilates the blood vessels until cold water causes them to narrow again. The ability to react is thus best trained.

Change Eating Habits

Habits that improve lifestyle are the best guarantors for a long-term stable circulatory system.
In addition to abstaining from nicotine and alcohol, this also includes methods to reduce stress and a look at the menu. Eating a balanced and healthy diet lays the foundation for a functioning cycle. You should also keep an eye on your drinking habits. When doing focus work, you often forget to drink. Therefore: no matter where you are or going, always have something to drink with you and always fill up your empty glass again. Are you overweight? Then you should make your everyday life healthier and more active for the love of your circulation.


Acupressure is a healing method from traditional Chinese medicine that was discovered more than 5000 years ago. By tapping, massaging and pressing on special acupressure points, the body’s energies should be brought back into balance. We people from Western civilization often practice this principle unconsciously: Surely you have intuitively massaged your neck yourself when you have a headache or neck pain? According to traditional Chinese medicine, you have stimulated certain acupressure points, which are located on so-called meridians (channels along our body). Our life energy, the Qi/Chi, should flow on these.

Be Active In The Office

Do you have a coffee pot right next to your desk? Leave them in the kitchen from now on and go for each cup separately. Do you call colleagues or write e-mails? Why not go there more often? This is much more personal and your system will thank you with more energy! Have you ever thought about a height-adjustable desk? It allows you to regularly switch between sitting and standing work. For more productivity and well-being, follow this expert rule: sit dynamically for 45 minutes, work standing for 10 minutes and walk actively for 5 minutes.