4 Alternative Date Ideas

Published on 07/14/2022

Good date ideas are crucial to your dating success. Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, your date can be boring and tense or fun and exciting. Some dating locations not only make it easier for you to conduct the conversation. They help you create a relaxed atmosphere, build trust and make your rendezvous exciting and varied. With the right date idea, you are special and leave a lasting impression.

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4 Alternative Date Ideas

Date Ideas: Combine Classic Date Suggestions

A good date does not necessarily have to be creative or unusual. “Join in an improv theater together” is a suggestion that may be good for some, but may be off-putting for many. You can also make your rendezvous unique with classic dates by combining different ideas and ideally enhancing them with small special features. Have a picnic in the park. Prepare fresh fruit and take cold beer, wine or sparkling wine with you. In between, you can throw a round of frisbee or play table tennis. Afterward, stroll through town, grabbing an ice cream along the way. Then you go to a cozy bar and sit next to each other. A bar with live music is perfect for this if it’s not too loud. You sit close together, you can easily establish physical contact and in breaks in conversation, you can watch the band together.

Live Out A Hobby Together

For example, if you both like to play tennis or go bouldering, then this is a perfect date idea for you. The common passion connects, creates a positive atmosphere and offers plenty to talk about. If your hobby makes you sweat, offer beforehand that you can shower at your place after exercise and then go out to eat. When a man invites a woman home, sexual intent is often suspected. That is not the case here. Finally, you make it clear that you will each take a quick shower and then go eat immediately. The advantage: You can invite the woman home without being intrusive. If you suggest that you have a glass of wine after the meal, there will be a much higher probability that there will be no resistance. After all, she’s already familiar with your apartment. You can also enhance the date by going out to eat in a special restaurant. Dinner in the dark, South African cuisine, Brazilian restaurant with samba dance, special dishes such as locusts or dining in a unique location such as a TV tower or boat.

Visit A Special Museum Or Cool Exhibition

There are many interesting museums, some with unusual themes: beer, chocolate, currywurst, snoring or even sex museums. There are also very interesting exhibitions with different themes and innovative experience spaces. This makes your date exciting and special, at the same time it offers a lot to talk about when you sit down in a cozy bar afterwards.

Going To Events In The City

There are always events happening in cities. Many of these events only take place on a specific day. If you agree on such a date, the likelihood of a last-minute cancellation is reduced because it cannot be rescheduled. A particularly cool date idea is the fair. Here you can experience a lot together and have fun. You can visit rides, compete against each other in throwing darts or cans or enjoy the view romantically on the Ferris wheel. Meanwhile, you can always sit down for a snack or a drink and focus more on the conversation. After the fair, you could get to know each other even more intensively in a shisha bar, for example.