10 of the Strangest and Most Unique Rental Homes in the World

Published on November 19, 2017
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Half the fun in going on vacation is where you are going to end up renting to stay in when you aren’t sightseeing. We all love those gorgeous, all expenses laid out hotels and who can get over a beautiful beach condo? Still, while those sorts of rental properties are awesome in their own right they tend to feel…bland after awhile. So in order to fight off that bland feeling we decided to dig deep and find some of the quirkiest, most unique, and downright strange rental homes around. You might not have one of these rental homes in your area but they are definitely worth doing a little bit of traveling for!

Traditional Hanok – Seoul, South Korea.

More and more people are starting to realize that South Korea can make an amazing vacation getaway despite their relatively grumpy and vile neighboring dictator. Seoul can be the heartbeat of the world if the region calmed down but if you feel like trying it all out anyway head for the Traditional Hanok rental home. We’re sure that home owner insurance is quite high here, but that won’t get in the way of your rental. The Traditional Hanok gives you an old school look at South Korea without actually stepping back in time. You’ll see sliding wooden doors, traditional mat rooms, and then high speed internet and a modern thermostat. Just under $200 a night, you can spend a week here without killing your vacation budget.

Traditional Hanok - Seoul, South Korea

Traditional Hanok – Seoul, South Korea

Survival Cave – Tarancon, Spain.

Spain is a beautiful country to visit pretty much all season round which also makes it a great place for rental properties. We bet that homeowner insurance is cheap throughout and that brings us to the city of Tarancon where you’ll be able to find the fascinating Survival Cave. The Survival Cave can be found outside of the small town of Belinchon and it is perfect if you want to get away from it all. Unfortunately the Survival Cave is as bare bones as it sounds: literally just a couple of rooms within a refinished cave. AirBnB is a great way to find unique rentals but the Survival Cave has yet to rack up any positive reviews or, well, reviews at all. But for just $50 a night you can enjoy a getaway in Spain. Bring a book, though.

Survival Cave - Tarancon, Spain

Survival Cave – Tarancon, Spain

Hello Kitty Apartment – Kunming, China.

Certain parts of China have become havens for real estate investing, so good luck on your home insurance quote if you decide to expand in that direction. If you are just looking for an affordable getaway then consider heading to Kunming, China to spend time in the coveted Hello Kitty Apartment. Hello Kitty isn’t just a brand in China, it’s more of a cult. People flock to the brand and surround it in their everyday lives as much as possible. While this definitely isn’t a high class apartment it is more than interesting enough to give a shot. The best part is that this themed apartment will only run you about $30 USD per night, which definitely is a great price when it comes to staying in this beautiful city. Kunming is known as the City of Eternal Spring and that alone gets our ears perked up.

Hello Kitty Apartment - Kunming, China

Hello Kitty Apartment – Kunming, China

Caribbean Shell House – Isla Mujares, Mexico.

A trip to Mexico may be slightly cliche for Americans but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the beach side condos and cheap hotels. Instead you can find your way to Isla Mujares where you can find yourself the famous Caribbean Shell House. Isla Mujares is located about 8 miles off of the coast and it is an underrated getaway for folks who love some sun, sand, and snorkeling. In the Caribbean Shell House you will be able to enjoy all of the aforementioned activities from your shell shaped home, replete with a view of the ocean, winding stairs, and a pool out front. We’re not sure that ‘shell shaped luxury’ is going to take off anytime soon but this is a step in the right direction for sure.

Caribbean Shell House - Isla Mujares, Mexico

Caribbean Shell House – Isla Mujares, Mexico

Malibu Dream Airstream – Malibu, California.

You don’t have to leave the United States to find yourself an insane and quirky little vacation rental home. In Malibu, California you can find your way to the Malibu Dream Airstream rental. The location of this Airstream rental was used for Taylor Swift’s album cover and we totally understand why. Once you’ve driven your way to the rental home you’ll have a gasp worthy view of mountains and ocean right in front of you. The gigantic patio with couches and other comforts means that you’ll have a view of the stars when they come out, as well. Seriously, the night time view here is absolutely stunning and you’ll be completely alone except for nature around you. There’s no better way to reset and relax then with a front row view of the stars in your secluded vacation rental.

Malibu Dream Airstream - Malibu, California

Malibu Dream Airstream – Malibu, California

The Shire of Montana – Trout Creek, Montana.

Every true nerd knows that Peter Jackson filmed the Lord of the Rings series in New Zealand but that won’t stop them from flocking to this rental home. The Shire of Montana is located in Trout Creek, Montana and it is the perfect getaway for the grown up Tolkien nerd. The home rental is designed to look just like the homes from the Shire, complete with round doors and mounded hill roofs. There is a no children policy here as well as a no hunting policy. The travel website states that the Shire is perfect for adults looking to get away for their own alone time and fun.

The Shire of Montana - Trout Creek, Montana

The Shire of Montana – Trout Creek, Montana

Concrete Boombox – Kehena, Hawaii

Do you consider music to be a big part of your life? Do you like throwback and retro decor? A trip to Hawaii should be memorable and you can make sure to never forget it by staying at the Concrete Boombox home rental in Kehena, Hawaii. This home rental is designed to look like a real boombox standing upright. Inside of this interesting home you’ll find two beds, two baths and a multitude of windows that give you a front seat view to the ocean right outside of vacation spot. The views are as beautiful as the beach and we’d find the rental desirable if only for its wonderful location. Plus, you also get to say that you slept inside of a gigantic boombox which is pretty interesting in and of itself.

Concrete Boombox - Kehena, Hawaii

Concrete Boombox – Kehena, Hawaii

Luxury Treehouse – Utila, Honduras.

You won’t have to twist our arm to convince us to head to Honduras. When you are in the beautiful, nature oriented regions of South America you can feel like you are in a different world completely. Fortunately designers in Honduras took this to heart when they built the Luxury Treehouse for rent in Utila. This luxurious rental is located in a gigantic fig tree and it offers you a two story home with a risen patio and a hammock. We can’t imagine feeling much more tuned into nature then when taking a relaxing rest in a hammock that is hanging from a giant tree, all while in the middle of nowhere — in the best way.

Luxury Treehouse - Utila, Honduras

Luxury Treehouse – Utila, Honduras

Water Tower Room – London, UK.

We’ve all looked up at the old water towers that dot the country and wondered what it would be like to stand on top of one. In London this desire was taken a step further when a contractor renovated a water tower for usage as an actual rental. This water tower is seated in North Kensington and puts you only a few minutes out from some of the greater attractions in the city. In order to get into this beautiful rental home you have to climb six flights of steps — on the outside of the water tower.

Water Tower Room - London, Uk

Water Tower Room – London, Uk

Converted Airplane – Puntaneras, Costa Rica.

Normally the thought of spending any excess time in an airplane would leave us reaching for a sleeping pill or two, but not this time. Puntaneras is a unique little hotspot for tourism so it makes sense that they would have unique homes on display to rent. The Converted Airplane rental is exactly what it sounds like: a converted and renovated Boeing 727 plane that is decked out with two beds, two baths and a giant patio that extends over the wings. We can’t imagine a more unique or interesting way to spend a week in the lovely and lush country of Costa Rica.

Converted Airplane - Puntaneras, Costa Rica

Converted Airplane – Puntaneras, Costa Rica